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How To Grow Loofah Sponge Tutorial

It’s quite amazing to see people share something new, and practical.  Regrow From Kitchen Scrap is one you should try. And you will love this loofah sponge I am going to share with you today. You never know you can grown your own loofah and use the dried fiber to scrub in your kitchen and bathroom. Loofah is so similar to Sigua in China, edible when it was young. While I was living in rural area when I was a child, and I really know how fun it is to pop the seeds out of the dried loofah and use the fiber to scrub the hard in the kitchen. You’ve probably also use loofah sponge in your life, whether in the bath or for cleaning around the house, it can be purchased from Amazon, natural but with some treatment so it’s softer for skin exfoliating. But did you know it was actually made out of vegetable?

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How To Grow Loofah Sponge Tutorial

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Learn how to get the seeds and grow your loofah with the detailed tutorial here: How To Grow Your Own Loofah Sponge.

The very first fruits that appear on the vine should be allowed to mature into sponges. It’s best to see the skin turn brown before your cut it from the stem, or you can just leave it on the vine, let them dry themselves. There are many benefits to use this natural sponge, but it’s a bit painful when you first use it, be sure to soften it in hot water and then dry it again to make it softer.

How To Grow Loofah Sponge Tutorial

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