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How to Turn Large T-shirt into Jacket Tutorial

How to Turn Large T-shirt into Jacket Tutorial

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When you clean up your closet, you will find some old t-shirts you loved so much and don’t feel so happy with them somehow, and you can transform them into something chic and new with easy cut and sew steps. I have 20 Chic T-shirt Refashion Ideas with DIY Tutorials

you should go check them out if you want refashion your old t-shirts. We all have so many old large sized T-shirts lying around in our houses which may belong to our brothers, father, husband or boyfriends. The video below will show you a magical way to reuse your old T-shirts and transform these old T-shirts into cool, casual jackets. This method to reuse old T shirts transforms short sleeves T shirts into long sleeves jackets which are apt for light winters. This method requires only three things: Large size T-shirt with round neck and half sleeves; A Pair of Scissors and Needle & thread for sewing, see how you can do it via the video tutorial below:

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Video credit: Slick and Natty

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