DIY String Yarn Easter Basket

DIY Yarn String Easter Basket

Easter is coming! Are you ready to decorate your home to welcome Spring? Here is a super cute idea to DIY String Yarn Easter Basket using balloons. You may use different colors of threads to make colorful baskets. Hang the baskets or just place them on the table and decorate with cute Easter chick toys and colored eggs. They will be a lovely addition to your Easter decoration or gift favors.

It is fun and easy to make this string yarn basket, by wrapping the glue soaked string around the balloon and then poke the balloon after dry. The string was previously saturated with fabric stiffener. The trick here is not to make your balloon too big so you can have an Egg Shaped basket afterwards. Be sure to wrap the string tightly so that when the balloon pops, the string maintains an egg shape. Then decorate your basket with flowers, ribbons and fill your baskets with Easter treats, it will be such a fun to enjoy the family time making them together.

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DIY Easter egg string basket

DIY Easter egg string basket