How to DIY Cute Cupcake Onesies Baby Gift

These adorable Cupcake Onesies will be perfect for a Baby Shower!

Here is a super cute baby gift that’s easy to make! Onesies are rolled up into cupcakes! It’s a fabulous baby shower gift that new mommy or mommy-to-be will appreciate!


  • cupcake gift box
  • colorful cupcake liners
  • cupcake sleeves (optional)
  • 4 onesies
  • 2 pairs of baby socks
  • Scotch tape

cupcake-onesies-baby-gift01.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift02.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift03.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift04.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift05.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift06.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift07.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift08.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift09.jpg cupcake-onesies-baby-gift10.jpg