How to Make Beautiful Mandala Flower with Skewers


mandala-flower-with-skewer01.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer02.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer03.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer04.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer05.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer06.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer07.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer08.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer09.jpg mandala-flower-with-skewer10.jpg

Mandala – a sacred symbol used in meditation in Buddhism, ritual objects. In principle, the mandala is a geometric symbol of the complex structure, which is interpreted as a model of the universe, “map of the cosmos.”Such divine symbols embroidered on cloth, painted on the sand, operate and colored powders are made of metal, stone, wood. In Latin America, the Huichol Indian tribe woven from threads of the mandala, and they were called amulets Ojo de Dios (read as “Ojo de Dios”), or “Eye of God”. The process itself is no different than labor intensive, and the result looks very impressive. Let’s try this creative and easy way to make mandala flower with skewers, bigger for fashion, wall, door or garden decoration.


  • Eight skewers,
  • colorful threads (yarn,iris, wool …),
  • scissors
  • PVA glue to secure.

As a basis you can use bamboo sticks, which is sold in flower shops, plastic sticks for balloons, pencils, popsicle sticks and even toothpicks.