Crochet Minion Hat Free Crochet Patterns & Paid

Crochet Minion Hat Free Crochet Patterns for all who are severely obsessed with Minions as I do!  Minions are cute, fun and adorable, crochet some now with these amazing free minion crochet patterns! They’re yellow, they love bananas, and they glow in the dark, these cute yellow people make you laugh, while you learn more life lessons from them. Despicable Me is one of our family’s favorite movies. Besides the Disney Frozen which I also shared the roundup of Crochet Disney Frozen Free Crochet Patterns.  A big part of the success of these movies are the Minions and their super daddy. Tiny, yellow and very funny, these background characters steal the show! Of course, there are a lot of designs out now featuring these cute guys, you can Sew Minions with free PatternsDIY Mini Minion Cake Pops, now you can crochet them for home and family. Having said that it only takes half of my girlfriends one glass of bubbles before they’re shrieking ‘BA-NA-NA!!!’ at me so they clearly have inter-generational appeal.

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DIY Crochet Minion Beanie Hat free Crochet Patterns

Image: DIYCozyHome, Free Pattern: Minion Beanie by Melanie Rosenborough

DIY Crochet Minion Hat free Crochet Patterns

Crochet minion hat kit By Repeat Crafter MeDIY Crochet Minion Earflap Hat free Crochet Pattern

Minion Earflap Beanie by Janet Carrillo

DIY Crochet Despicable Me Minion Beanie free Crochet Pattern

Despicable Me Minion Beanie from All Day Chic; More on Nexyt Page