DIY Knit Cozy Giganto Blanket with PVC Pipe Knitting Pattern – Video

Crochet blankets can be another warm addition to your home and bedding? I have shared 40+ DIY Knit & Crochet Baby Blanket Free Patterns you can check them out.  Many of us love chunky knits from cardigans, scarves to whatever, and we may try knit with looms or arms, but have you even seen this PVC piping knitting? It is so cool and amazing to see that kiwiwolf314 snuggled with her beloved in this chunkiest, most impressive Giganto Blanket. Imagine the sweet dream you will have under this handmade huge coziest giant knits. You can check the story of this giant blanket from Imgur, and don’t forget to give the author a vote. 🙂

She used wool batting that she laid out in rows to get uniform thickness, then rolled up the tubes so that she could wash-band lightly felt them without causing any damage, then air dry outside, wound it all up and made her gigantic knitting needles from PVC pipe and started her knitting. In her own words, “it took forever”, but “it was worth it”. This giganto blanket must be the ultimate cozy, snugly and full of warmth and love. Want to take the adventure and give it a go?

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DIY Knit Cozy Giganto Blanket with PVC Pipe Knitting Pattern Video

You can grab the pattern here:

Giganto-blanket pattern

DIY Knit Giant Blanket Tutorial

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Laura Birek from Youtube show us how to knit using a PVC pipes. (Image: Diply)

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