DIY No Sew Floor Pillow Tutorial – Video

Here’s a fabulous DIY project you will love to try. You will love making this no sew heart pillow for sofa or lounge, car decoration or even as floor cushion, they are good for Valentine gift too. Literally you can use this method to cut any shape, any size large by binding the fringe. It’s really a simple tutorial perfect for reading, lounging, or even for your pets!

DIY No Sew Heart Pillow, perfect for Valentine's day - video

Two different colors together can also be fabulous as Jenifer on Sweet Simple Living

made, it’s simple but inspirational to make your own ones in different combination.You can get the kids friendly felt heart tutorial on her blog here: DIY Easy No Sew Heart Pillow . Or just cut them into different shapes, round, oval or star for babies or pet friends.

Here is a quick video on making a decorative heart pillow for Valentine. You can cut and tie a big one for room decor or bedding, or just a small one for your hand cushion while you are working on computers.

DIY No Sew Floor Pillow Tutorial - Video

Get the full description from The Kitchen and the Cave via the link: No Sew Floor Pillow. Here is another awesome idea to recycle your extra pillows for kids reading and napping.

DIY Simple Roll Up Pillow Bed Tutorial - Video

DIY Simple Roll Up Pillow Bed Tutorial – Video