DIY Noming Vase or Plant Pot


noming vase tutorial

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most beautiful, and Frank Kerdil’s Noming Vase is no exception. Made from a unique paper-based material comprised of 51% pure chalk, the flat-pack vases are easily assembled origami-style into organically-shaped and steadfastly-waterproof vases to adorn your breakfast table. Their sturdy-yet-flexible form makes them almost impossible to break, a cheeky critique on the legendary Ming vase. Noming Vases may take $15 for a set of four, making it the perfect addition when you buy flowers for someone. Now if you don’ want to buy, follow this steps and make one by your own.

You can use paper,plastic, foam or similar flat material that is easy to fold to make it as vase, or plant pot, draw or paint on it with your own design. Easy and cool, right?


  • Paper or Plastic, foam etc
  • Scissors