How to DIY Beautiful Hyacinth Bouquet from Plastic Bottles


hyacin-from-plastic-bottles01.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles02.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles03.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles04.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles07.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles08.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles09.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles10.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles11.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles12.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles13.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles17.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles14.jpg hyacin-from-plastic-bottles18.jpg


You may find many ways to recycle plastic bottles from our website, today we are going to feature another beautiful project for home or garden decor – Hyacinth. You can make bundles of them in different colors and insert  in garden, it looks fab~

Materials you may need:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Paint and brush (or nail polish)
  • Lighter
  • Wire
  • Skewer or other wood stick
  • Scissors