Crochet Hippo Hat Free Crochet Patterns & Paid

Kids love animals, and we have some crochet animals that we can craft after and make handmade gifts for them. Crochet owls, crochet elephant are both good choices. Crochet hippo can be so versatile and cute addiction for your little ones from hippo hat, to hippo shoes, hippo loveys and toys, all cozy and soft for your little lovely hippo lovers. These hippo crochet projects can be focal point to any specific area for kids animal toy zoo or simply fun home decoration.

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DIY Crochet Happy Hippo Beanie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Happy Hippo Beanie by Yarnee Marmee

This Crochet Hippo Hat is so cute with braided stripes, perfect for keeping your little one warm in the coming season and it can also be a lovely handmade gift delivery.

DIY Hippo Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern

This hippo hat is so cute and looks so real with the ears, the pattern is not free, but worth the price to crochet for your little hippo. you can get the pattern from

DIY Crochet Hippo Ear Flap Hat Free Crochet Pattern

You can get the free pattern from repeat after me: Crochet Hippo Hat Pattern

DIY Crochet Hippo Beanie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Hippo Hat/Beanie by The Crafty Flutist

DIY Crochet Hippo Beanie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

One and Two Company shares free written tutorial and chart to crochet 3 sizes of hippo hat from baby, toddler to kids size that you can go check them out. Hippo Hat Free Crochet Pattern by One and Two Company.

You can also crochet baby hippo booties, they are just so cute to walk on cribs and keep little feet cozy.

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Crochet Hippo Baby Booties Free Pattern

Crochet Hippo Booties Free Pattern by

Amigurumi Hippo Mobile Free Crochet Patterns

Amigurumi Hippo Mobile Free Crochet Patterns

There is another fabulous collection of crochet elephant that you can make, too for your little ones or just yourself. 😉

DIY Baby Elephant Crochet Amigurumi Free Patterns

DIY Baby Elephant Crochet Free Patterns

DIY Cute Crochet Baby Animal Hat Free Crochet Patterns & Paid

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