How to DIY Pretty Paper Woven Baubles

pretty woven paper bauble f

pretty-woven-paper-bauble00.jpg pretty-woven-paper-bauble01.jpg pretty-woven-paper-bauble02.jpg pretty-woven-paper-bauble03.jpg pretty-woven-paper-bauble04.jpg pretty-woven-paper-bauble05.jpg

These baubles are amazing and will definitely brighten up your house.The best part is that you can make them any size you like and use an assortment of colors. I am so excited to share with you this stunning paper bauble craft by Next To Nicx! You can make it single as ornament, or garland or even curtains. Here are patterns that you can try.

pretty-woven-paper-bauble-layout01.jpg pretty-woven-paper-bauble-layout02.jpg pretty-woven-paper-bauble-layout03.jpg

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