How to DIY Recycled Pallet Garden Planting Tutorial

DIY Recycled Pallet Garden Planting Tutorial1These DIY Recycled Pallet Gardening are so easy yet fantastic for growing fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit! The gap between pallets is perfect for lining the seeding, and they are clean and neat when the plantings turns green.  Not sure if a Pallet is safe to use, check it out HERE.

You can get full easy tutorial via

Pallet Gardening 101: Creating a Pallet Garden


DIY Recycled Pallet Garden Planting Tutorial2

Grow some green veggies will be nice too with the wood pallets. (Photo via:

Super easy directions as following:

  1. arrange some similar-sized pallets in a neat stack
  2. fill the stack with potting soil / topsoil
  3. insert your starter plants or seeds
  4. watering!

How to DIY Vertical Pallet herb planterTurn a single pallet it into this handy herb planter, even if you have a small garden space or a balcony.

Herb Planter Tutorial via Pink When

How to DIY Free Standing Pallet hern planterFree Standing Pallet Herb Garden Via DIY Showoff

DIY Recycled Pallet Garden Planting Tutorial3

This DIY Pallet Garden Tool Organizer is also made of wood pallet. It keeps your gardening tools and necessities in it’s place!  You can hang it on the back of your shed or on a wall or fence with small planters as decorating.

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DIY: My Lowe’s Creative Ideas Pallet Project