How to Make a Chic Bohemian Button Hair Pin


button-and-feather-hairclip02.jpg button-and-feather-hairclip03.jpg button-and-feather-hairclip04.jpg button-and-feather-hairclip05.jpg button-and-feather-hairclip06.jpg button-and-feather-hairclip07.jpg button-and-feather-hairclip01.jpg

This is a fun tutorial for those of you who are taking a breather from knitting in the hot Summer, and who want hair clip up in Bohemian style (Source from elisam claughlin)

Materials you may need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Feathers (You can find the feathers if you search for “Ring Tail Pheasant” and “Saddle Hackle” )
  • Bobby Pin (or Alligator Clip)
  • Scissors
  • 2×2″ square of felt
  • Button (pictured is a 1.5inch diameter wood button)