How to Make Easy Ribbon Bow with Fork

ribbon bow with fork

We sometimes need tiny ribbon bow for craft decoration or garment embellishment such as some ribbon bow projects we have crafted before (you can click the link for some inspiration), today we are going to make a perfect tiny ribbon bow using fork, which makes the whole process easy.

Supplies we need:

  • Thin Ribbon (0.5cm – 0.8cm)
  • Fork (A tablespoon fork with 4 teeth would be perfect)
  • Candle


To make the perfect tiny bow, cut the ribbon at 15cm in length.


----  More DIY Ideas ----

Fold one end as shown in photo belowribbon-bow-with-fork03.jpg

Wrap the other end around the fork and pull it through the 2nd hole of spoon, right under the short end of ribbon


Pull the long end of ribbon through 2nd interval up to the top and form a loop downribbon-bow-with-fork05.jpg

Tie the end by insert the end from right to leftribbon-bow-with-fork06.jpg ribbon-bow-with-fork07.jpg

Tie the bow tightly so it can be pulled down from fork easilyribbon-bow-with-fork08.jpg

Trim the ends to make the bow even lookingribbon-bow-with-fork09.jpg

Heat seal both ribbon ends with tea candle to make the ribbon secured



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