Tips on How to Grow Mushroom At Home (Video)

Grow Mushroom Yourself can be extremely fun and rewarding!! We love mushrooms, no matter you are vegetarian or not, they are very nutritious and delicious, and has been a trend on the menu of beauty and health recipes for long. They can be quite pricey at the grocery stores, and they are not always fresh when it comes to those gourmet varieties such as Oyster mushrooms.

While Grow mushrooms at home is actually easier than you think! But before your own mushroom cultivation, decide which types of Mushrooms to Grow. There are many kinds of mushrooms. Each type has specific growing needs. For example, the three types of mushroom we often see in supermarket are:

  1. white button mushrooms:  usually grown on composted manure
  2. shiitakes: on wood or hardwood sawdust
  3. oyster mushrooms: on straw.

Today we are going to challenge ourselves with new mushroom growing techniques.

1. Grow Oyster Mushrooms Using Coffee Grounds & Cardboard

You can grow your own Oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds (nutritious fertilizer that many of us has realized and use them as planting supply) and corrugated cardboard. All you’ll need is a plastic container cleaned with rubbing alcohol and drilled around with holes for ventilation; mushroom spawn that you can easily find in store or on line, rotted cardboard which you can make beforehand by soaking cardboard in water, and used coffee grounds (freshly used preferred). Lay the rot cardboard at bottom of the container, sprinkle the mushroom spawn and cover with coffee grounds, and repeat to fulfill the whole container. Plastic bottle or plastic bags are preferred for mushroom cultivation, easy to get and good to keep the growing process moisture.

----  More DIY Ideas ----

Tips to Grow Mushrooms Using Coffee Grounds Cardboard Tutorial

Tutorial Via:A Piece of Rainbow & Grow Veg

2. Grow Mushrooms Using Cardboard ONLY

Grow Mushrooms Using Cardboard ONLY Tutorial

Tutorial via

How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms?