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DIY Easy Ribbon Butterfly (With Picture)

DIY ribbon butterfly Instructions with Picture Tutorial

This is an easy way to make ribbon butterfly by folding the ribbon and tie at the center, it’s so simple and the result is go gorgeous. You can make it as decoration for fashion and home. The whole process need patience by marking with ruler so as to make the butterfly as delicate and beautiful as above, but after you know the trick, you can adjust the width and length according to your actual needs. You can Read More Ribbon Crafts on our sites.

Supplies you need:

  • Ribbon or Satin with 5mm Width
  • Beading Wire
  • Beads (choose your own to match ribbon)
  •  Sewing needle and thread

Some of our readers has asked how long should be the ribbon. There are the length of each intervals below but I would recommend not to cute the ribbon first.

OK, Let’s start, to get prepared, mark dots with the specified intervals (be exact in the number series) as following:

7cm .; 4.5 cm .; 7.5 cm .; 5.5 cm .; 6.5 cm .; 3.5 cm .; 5.5 cm .; 5 cm .; 5 cm., 5.5 cm .;3.5 cm .; 6.5 cm .; 5.5 cm .; 7.5 cm .; 4.5 cm .; 7cm.

The start thread through the ribbon from the end of 7 cm, and continues through each marked dots.

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DIY ribbon butterfly Instructions with Picture Tutorial

kanzashi ribbon butterfly diy

Kanzashi Ribbon Butterfly Tutorial