DIY Ribbon Flower Curtain Knot from Old CD

Fabartdiy CD into curtain knot

You maybe have some old CD you want to scrap or dump into trash, now you can recycle them into these beautiful and useful curtain knots, all you need is to cut a ring along the outside circle, wrap with ribbon, fabric or crochet, and decorate with flowers. It’s easy and pretty for room decoration, too.

Supplies you need:

  • CD or DVD
  • Ribbon or other fabric
  • Knife and scissors
  • Glue gun

DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD01.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD02.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD03.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD04.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD05.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD06.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD07.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD08.jpg DIY-Ribbon-Flower-Curtain-Knot-from-Old-CD09.jpg