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How to DIY Pretty Crochet Girls Spiral Sun Hat

crochet girls spiral sun hat

The crochet Panama hat is really hot around the DIY world. Today you are lucky here you can get the free diagram and video tutorial that you can follow even if you are a crochet beginners (The hat is too pretty to try). You can decorated with 3D crochet flowers and fruits and even animals to make the hat more impressive. And great news is that Louise from Red Haired Amazona finally figured out the written pattern and shared with us crochet lovers- check Page 2 for more information. Enjoy!

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2crochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat1.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat2.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat3.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat4.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat5.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat6.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat7.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat8.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat9.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat10.jpgcrochet-swirl-pattern-sun-hat11.jpgspiral hat base diagram

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fabartdiy crochet girls panama sun hat free pattern

Russian Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern- the spiral one


Crochet rose you can choose:

crochet rose

Crochet Veined Rose Tutorial

You may interested in another pattern via the link:

Crochet Pretty Panama Hat Pattern

Tutorial – Crochet Vintage Girls Brimmed Sun Hat

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