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Cooking Hack-How to Poach An Egg Like A Pro

Many of love poaches eggs for breakfast, the tender egg whites with running yolk over toasts and a cup of hot coffee make it a day. Yet most people are so scared of poaching eggs they only ever order them in a cafe. Some people suggest to strain off the excess egg white before poaching, and lower the egg into the simmering water, it worked sometimes for me, butthe cooking process can be fraught with messiness if you go into it blindly.

Cooking Hack-How to Poach An Egg Like A Pro

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Learn the simple tricks we use at the test kitchen to create perfectly cooked poached eggs and cook like the professionals. Bridget Lancaster and the Cooking School crew explains the tips on making the perfect poached egg on America’s Test Kitchen channel. Let’s check out how:

Video: America’s Test Kitchen

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