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Simple Hack-Correct Way to Hang A Sweater

Simple Hack-Correct Way to Hang A Sweater

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How do you usually store your sweaters, do you hang them as I do? or you probably fold your sweaters and shove them in a drawer. But hanging clothes can help you keep track of what you own. Not only do you avoid desperately rifling through dark drawers each morning, but a tidy closet is just more pleasant than an overstuffed dresser. Yet if you hang sweaters like hanging shirts, you may find your sweaters get dent at shoulders and easily distorted.

For those that are looking to make your clothes last a bit longer before donating them, this video is definitely worth a look. Sweaters can get worn and stretched out too easily, but this tip is sure to keep them in shape. Watch the video to learn his trick (and double your wardrobe storage options), and find more of Clinton’s laundry-day tricks here.

This Simple Trick For Hanging Sweaters Prevents Weird Shoulder Dents Video