10+ DIY Recycled Metal Drum Projects

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects fbIf you have old metal barrels at your home or easy to get them, you are lucky enough to have these fabulous recycling DIY ideas and tutorials here. You can simply add a top to make it as coffee table or patio set, or cut and transform them into beautiful couches and chairs. Go check out these amazing DIY  ideas on how to use your old barrels to make great creations for your home and garden.

1. Lace Like Recycled Oil Drum Furniture

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects1French designers Anne and Philippe Guilbaud (literally “lace & can”) take a fanciful approach to recycling these metal containers, cutting each manually to transform them into functional chairs, lamps and cabinets that are also true works of art. (Image: treehugger.com)FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects2

2. Oil Drum Rocker Chair FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects3This piece of furniture turns the form and purpose of oil drums completely on its side literally. Unlike some similar oil drum projects this chair still looks pretty much like its original form and is instantly recognizable for what it once was.FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects6

3. Metal Barrel Couch

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects4

4. Metal Barrel Couch and Chair Set

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects7

5. Outdoor Metal Drum Patio SetFabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects8

6. Metal Drum Garden BenchFabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects97. Upcycled Metal Barrel Kitchen CabinetsFabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects10

8. Under the Desk Storage Unit

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects139. Metal Drum Baby Cot/BedFabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects17

10. Oil Drum Furniture

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects18FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects19

Image Credit: behance.net

11. DIY Metal Drum SmokerFabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects14The best step-by-step DIY guide to build your own simple and beautiful smoker. (Tutorial: theathomewelder.com)

12. DIY BBQ Barrel from Metal Drum

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects16

Tutorial: Instructables.com

13. Oil Drum/Barrel Repurposed as a Bike StandFabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects11

14. Cute Painted Planters for Garden

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects1215. Mailbox made out of barrel

FabArtDIY Metal Drum Projects15