20+ Fabulous DIY Paper Lantern Ideas and Tutorials

13. Jelly Fish Paper Lantern

DIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps11

The floating jelly fish lantern is so cool for a ocean themed room decor or party. (Tutorial: I Need A Caft Room  & Party City)

14. Animal Themed Paper Lantern

DIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps14

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This cute Owl-dorable Paper Lantern is from meet the dubiens. You can change it to any animals such as fish, Micky/Minnie mouse or Ninja or others. (Tutorial: Meet the dubiens)

15. Kirigami Paper LanternDIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps6Cut paper into geometry or other patterns and wrap around bulbs to make the lighting special. (Image: Ender by Nest  & Video tutorial: Makezine)

16. Chinese New Year Lanterns

DIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps23

A traditional way ftom Chinese culture to cut the paper and glue both ends to form lantern. (Tutorial: Craft Craft)

17. Jazzy Rainbow Lamp

DIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps9I love this scalloped petal paper lantern is actually used as a light source! Not only will you have a gorgeous and fun statement piece during the day, but at night you’ll have the soft, rainbow glow too.  (Tutorial: Metunda Universe)

18. Calorific Tissue Paper Rosette Floral LanternDIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps24

Make crepe paper flowers and glue around the lantern to make it as decoration as well as gentle lighting at the same time. (Tutorial: Hip 2 Thrift)