30+ Creative Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

30+ Creative Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

There are such a wide variety of bottles out there that you could make a whole collection and no two would be the same! Whether it’s glass or plastic, a wine bottle or a liquor bottle…the possibilities are endless! You can easily transform them into useful and decorative objects – as candlesticks, lamps, wall hanger, path liners, planters and so on. Some people slice the bottle’s neck to make flower vases and candle hurricanes. If you are searching for some creative ideas how to reuse your glass bottles for home or garden, you are at the right place! There is no excuse not to give this DIY a go after stop by.

30+ Creative Ways to Reuse Glass BottlesIdeas-of-old-wine-bottles01.jpg Ideas of old wine bottles0

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