DIY Abstract Geometric Wall Painting Technique-Video

Many of us homeowners bring Geometric Wall Painting Technique into interior decoration, they offer dazzling Geometric effect for modern home design, yet we usually see large blocks of shapes, squares or triangles or other shapes with angles. Geometric walls give us a chance to playfully break design rules; they let us incorporate several bold colors and embrace asymmetry. We love the way the result can amplify modern furnishings or add a fun twist to mid-century modern design. Did you ever see the radium looking resulting from the squares, it’s so fascinating result from playing with the geometric shapes as following.

DIY Abstract Geometric Wall Painting Technique

Elsa Rhae, A makeup enthusiastic lady who loves makeup as a career and a hobby, shares her way to make the geometric wall painting which make geometric painting more fun and creative. I love the fan leaf looking matched with the black-white ombre effect, so stunning. What do you think?

DIY Abstract Geometric Wall Painting Technique

Here is video:

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