Amazing and Creative 3D Floral Watercolor Painting Art

Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers000.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers001.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers002.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers003.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers004.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers005.jpg

Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers006.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers007.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers008.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers009.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers010.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers011.jpg Watercolor-Painting-Art-with-Real-Flowers012.jpg

Flower bouquet contains a lot of sense, it gives women high respect, let’s see what flowers will become in the artist’s hands. Singaporean artist Lim Zhi Wei knows how to excel the pure flower art, she and her team made a series of “flowergirls” which features romantic watercolor images of ladies, around which Lim would make a freestyle arrangement of flower petals to create a beautiful dress.  If you like this kind of work, you can track Lim Zhi Wei’s Blog.

Love them? It’s great to have fresh flowers which deliver charming scent as well as virtual impact, if you want keep them for long, how about trying artificial flowers instead? Enjoy.