Bloomframe Window Balcony: A Disappearing Outdoor Space

Bloomframe Window Balcony A Disappearing Outdoor SpaceMaking the most of the space we have available is becoming an increasingly important factor in home design nowadays. This window balcony is a perfect solution to modern house construction or remodel,  it looks to be a cost-efficient way of adding sunlight and a balcony to any space. All that’s needed is a window opening.

The Bloomframe® balcony is an innovative window frame that transforms at the press of a button. It offers the user a flexible living environment. By opening the window frame it’s literally possible to step out into space that is instantly created!

The system is guaranteed against collapsing during opening and closing. The fully open position is limited mechanically, which guarantees optimum safety of the converted balcony. The use of a combined powered/mechanical movement makes the system easy to open and close for everyone.

Bloomframe Window Balcony A Disappearing Outdoor Space4

The balcony window is designed to be installed into a home’s sloping roof. The window is divided into an upper and lower sash. The upper sash opens upward to a 45-degree angle, locking in place and forming the roof of the balcony. The lower sash opens forward, also locking in position to become the equivalent of the balcony’s front wall. As it opens, railing-like side barriers slide out on either side – these are concealed when the window is closed.

Bloomframe Window Balcony A Disappearing Outdoor Space3

The Bloomframe is now in production! The concept for a window that transforms into a balcony space spread across the internet — Apartment Therapy first posted it in November of 2005! — and it is now available from Hurks.

Amsterdam-based designers Hofman Dujardin Architects have arranged for the Bloomframe to be manufactured and sold through Hurks — a large window and door manufacturer in The Netherlands. The technology used in Bloomframe is unique and all orders are customized for specific projects. Via:

Let’s have a closer view via the video here: