How To Make Concrete Mushrooms – DIY Tutorials

Concrete Garden Mushrooms are eco-friendly, durable, stunning, and incredibly easy to make. If you are someone who gardens a lot or has recently started gardening, loves to craft but maybe doesn’t have much experience, you’re in the right place. Concrete crafts are inexpensive and easy! I’m gonna make some and let the kids paint and place them. This easy garden mushroom project is cheap, fun and best of all, your kids can get involved too. This is also something that will undoubtedly outlast any plants you have in your garden. You can always make more or paint over this project with acrylic paint, mosaic it or shape it crazily like a wizard!:)

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How To Make Concrete Mushrooms - DIY Tutorials

With nothing on hand to shape the mushroom top, no worries, shape whatever you want by digging a hold on ground, check out the tutorial via the link:

How To Make Concrete Mushrooms

How To Make Concrete Mushrooms - DIY Tutorials

Make it larger and taller to pop out in your garden decoration, learn more on how Ellen made it via the link below:

Large DIY Concrete Mushroom Garden Art

How To Make Concrete Mushrooms

How about your miniature garden? Craft together with your kiddos, paint with acrylic and arrange your fairy garden together with the tutorial below:

DIY: Concrete Mushroom

How To Make Mosaic Concrete Mushrooms DIY Tutorial

Marbles? Broken glasses? Old CDs Memorable collections? Put them all into the concrete and make it mosaic and spark in your garden with the tutorial below:

DIY Mosaic Mushroom by Smita Swamy