DIY Amazing Bed In a Box Plan


It is a simple chest box at your first sight, but guess what’s in this box? It is a collapsible, wooden bed inside! This piece of furniture was once hot in Reddit. The Amazing bed in a box (box-bed) was actually created and designed by Robert MacPherson to fit a rather strange niche. It can be folded up into a solid chest box and assembled into a bed if needed, who doesn’t want this in the spare room or take it out for a camp?! It can save you a lot of space, and serve as a extra bench, too.  Watch as it knocks down and transforms into something both functional and gorgeous as following:DIY Amazing Bed In a Box

It looks just like a box.

DIY Amazing Bed In a Box

A finely crafted chest…

DIY Amazing Bed In a Box2 DIY Amazing Bed In a Box2-1

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When you open up the locked box, you’ll see slats

DIY Amazing Bed In a Box3 DIY Amazing Bed In a Box4

Every piece needed to make the final form is included in the box. More on Next Page

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