How to Build Recycled DIY Chair Tree Bench

Do you have a large tree in your yard that keep you all cool in the shade, especially in Summer? Do you want to build a wrap around tree for kids and family to sit around and play? Buying a wrap around tree can cost you hundreds of dollars, together with hours of efforts on assembly. Here is a clever solution for you: DIY chair tree bench that’s much easier to build and cheaper to make! Heather want to buy wrap around bench which might cost her 250 dollars, so she got an alternative idea on making one herself instead of spending so much money. She is not good at all the woodworking stuff as most of us housewives do, but want to get her crafty hand busy and she come up with the idea of using old kitchen chairs to build a bench around the tree!

 How to Build Recycled Chair Tree Bench 1

Main Supplies You Need:

    • A Set of Chairs (6 at this project, but you can change to 5 or 8 depending how large the circle you wanna have)
    • Wood Board (fence board or recycled pallet wood)
    • Paint
    • Woodworking Tool Sets

The whole cost of an old set of 6 kitchen chairs together with a table was only 75 dollars . Then she pull the top seating off the chair, arrange chairs in circle. and using them as base of the brench. The total project cost her around only 100, more than half down from the purchasing price, which is a big saver.

How to Build Recycled Chair Tree Bench

Then she only need to get new timber woods and arrange them over its top with equal intervals, and cut to exact length.

How to Build Recycled Chair Tree Bench

The bench looks great with 6 hexagon around, and waiting for some refine work.

How to Build Recycled Chair Tree Bench

Then all you need is to get some paint and extra timber to get this project going.

How to Build Recycled Chair Tree Bench

Then screw the painted timber on chairs and enjoy.

How to Build Recycled Chair Tree Bench

Thanks to Heather McKinney for this great recycled project. You can get step-by-step instructions here.

You can also build a timber wood tree bench yourself.

wrap around tree bench

Wrap Around Tree Bench Free Plan