How to Make Rotisserie Metal Drum BBQ Pit Tutorial

Here’s a fantastic plan for a grill made from nothing but an old barrel and a few other inexpensive bits and pieces. First, you’ll need to cut open the barrel, and then you’ll need to make the stand. After that, it’s just a case of attaching the lid and grill and burning off the inside and you’re done. Once it’s finished, it looks highly professional – and if you want one too, the details are all there to tell you how to do it.

DIY Rotisserie CINDER BLOCK Metal Drum BBQ Pit Tutorial
Add cozy with our 30+ DIY Fire Pit Ideas and Tutorials for our Backyard. But fire pit can be more functional than providing heating during cold nights. You’ll never look at an old Drum the same way again after seeing this amazing metal drum grill! If you love to grill or BBQ now you can upcycle one into this unique and handy piece at lowest cost. And it’s easy to make, too. All you need is a metal barrel, cinder blocks and an afternoon in the weekend. It’s ideal for entertaining friends, or just cooking for the family. The tutorial is a great DIY project with detailed step by step instructions and photos.

How to Make Rotisserie Metal Drum BBQ Pit Tutorial

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