DIY Divine Yarn Heart Wreath

Divine is the one word that we can think of when we see this stunning sunkissed heart wreath. The all-white look has an almost ‘angelic’ feel to it and it just seems like a marvelous addition to any modern home, Valentine’s Day or otherwise. Celebrate your love with this dazzling creation and while you are at it, we suggest you try a similar one in red or scarlet, or make a colorful heart as well.

Heart Wreath f

Materials you will need in this project:

  • 2 long skinny balloons (the type used to make balloon animals)
  • balloon pump (unless you have gorilla lungs)
  • white (PVA) glue
  • water
  • container for glue
  • yarn
  • pair of scissors
  • pin or sharp thing
  • length of ribbon (optional)
  • drop cloth or newspaper
Heart Wreath tutorial