DIY Turtle Lamp Tutorial Using Balloon

Remember DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lantern Tutorial (Video)? Nice to recycle the trash into treasure, and this turtle lamp I am sharing below will be another fabulous light addition to kids room or fairy garden. Diana, the creator behind creative mom (she is a creative mom, agree?), creates fairy houses, mushroom houses, miniature charms, sculpting and painting, something amazing out of dirt cheap materials. Again she made this turtle from recycled paper. It is really easy and cheap to make because there are only two ingredients: cardboard and P.V.A. glue turtle shaped lamp using a balloon as a base, some cardboard for the paper clay and acrylic colors. This is a creative way to teach children about recycling and also stimulate their imagination. Just magnificent work with such attention to every detail.

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DIY Turtle Lamp Tutorial Using Balloon

I also shared the flower light from cardboard clay and PVA, if you have tried it yourself, you can easily copycat this one, tear the cardboard to pieces and place them in the blender, add hot water over the cardboard pieces and blend it into homogeneous mix, squeeze the water out trough a sieve then add the glue to make paper clay! The remaining job is easy, shape the turtle back and head, use paper roll to make 4 legs, and a big hard cardboard as base. Paint the turtle with whatever color you love and poke holes on back for light out. There are a bunch of tutorials about making fairy houses, mushroom houses, smurf houses, mushroom gnomes, fairy gardens, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations and some plastic bottle crafts, cardboard crafts, and other tutorials about recycling in a creative way. Image Credit: Creative Mom

Check out how via the link here: DIY Turtle Lamp Using a Balloon

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Video: Creative Mom