Egg Slicer Life Hacks You Cannot Miss – Video

I love all life hacks that can ease the chores around the house. Remember the trick to Cut Onions and fruits using hairpins? While we already have lots of tips in kitchen, we are going to talk about the egg slicers today. We seldom cut eggs, it’s really messy to cut the yolk, egg slicer is perfect gadget we should think about. The egg slicer can be also used to cut butter, hot dog sausages, courgette, canned potatoes. You can find one at all cooking and gourmet supply store as well as online. So what else you want to chop into slices, try using egg slicers to save your time.

Egg Slicer Life Hacks You Cannot Miss

Let’s watch the video and draw some inspiration to incorporate this slicer in our kitchens and cut down our cooking time. Enjoy!

Video: Dave Hax