DIY Fleece Star Baby Wrap Blanket

DIY Star Baby Wrap Blanket

I saw this cozy fleece star baby wrap blanket from not on the high street, I love this idea, it’s so easy to slip on with no buttons, poppers or zips, great for a quick dash out! There is no tutorial for this, but it’s easy for sewing lovers to make, hope you love it!


Materials you may need:

  • Fabric (Fleece, quilts, fur etc for cold weather)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machineDIY Fleece Star Baby Wrap BlanketDIY-Star-Baby-Wrap-Blanket02.jpg

DIY-Star-Baby-Wrap-Blanket03.jpg DIY-Star-Baby-Wrap-Blanket04.jpg DIY-Star-Baby-Wrap-Blanket05.jpg DIY-Star-Baby-Wrap-Blanket06.jpg


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