Fast Trick to Defrost and Clear Ice Off Your Car Windshield

Winter hack- Fast Trick to Defrost and Clear Ice Off Your Car WindshieldWe went to Beijing, China for a trip, and suffered a big snow storm there, which we never experienced here in California. Our rented car got heavy snow overnight and heavy ice on the windshield in the following days. Gosh, all the minus degree weather made us crazy in the morning and messed with our work in the busy morning. It seem like winter is endless and it will never be warm again. I m sure that if you are traveling to work with your car you have everyday the same problem with the frozen windshield. After searching, there are good tricks to prevent an icy windshield, quickly thaw a frozen lock and frozen door. Cover the windshield is too late and wired somehow in the hotel.

Here is way how to defrost windshield in cold winter days on the most easiest way, which also works on walkways (salt is a common way as most of us know), All we need are 1/2 gal containers mixed with 2/3 alcohol and 1/3 water with a tblsp of dish soap. But be sure to remove all the ice from the blades; otherwise  you will scratch your windscreen and damage the wipers.

Check our the video below and see how it works