12 Kids Halloween Handprint and Footprint Craft Ideas

We have so many handprint and footprint crafts for babies and kids before, you will love doing these crafts especially you have little kids around, or if not, these ideas are perfect for Halloween parties when you are going to be the host, too. Halloween Handprint and Footprint Craft can be great keepsake craft idea, they can be made on wall canvas to keep tracking on how your kids grow every year. Handprints, footprints, thumbprints and even knuckle prints are the inspiration for ghosts, spiders, black cat, a witch, candy corn and pumpkins. Scoll down and get inspired to create one with your little hands.

The collection of Hand & Footprint Art DIY Ideas and Projects is great for kids, gifts and even home decorations, check them out via the link below:

Hand & Footprint Art DIY Ideas and Projects

Hand & Footprint Art DIY Ideas and Projects

DIY Knuckle Print Pumpkins

DIY Knuckle Print Pumpkins Art Tutorial

Tutorial Via  Earlylearning.momtrusted.com

DIY Halloween Handprint Witch

DIY Halloween Handprint Witch Tutorial

Tutorial Via Crafty Morning

Footprint Frankenstein

DIY Halloween Footprint Frankenstein Tutorial

Image: We Heart It

Footprint Candy Cone

DIY Halloween Footprint Candy Cone Tutorial

Tutorial Via Juggling with Kids

DIY Footprint Ghost

DIY Halloween Footprint Ghost Tutorial

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Tutorial Via Love seweet Love