How to Clean Iron with Salt

Salt had been so treasured as salt of the earth,  But nowadays, salt is cheap, ubiquitous, and taken quite for granted. However, after unearthing these incredible salt-based cleaning “hacks,” salt may be making a powerful comeback. Be creative, use what you’ve got, work smarter not harder. Get your nasty old iron, some Sodium Chloride (table salt), wax paper, a cutting board, and your iron will be as good as new in no time!

Use Salt To Clean An Iron
Use Salt To Clean An Iron

You steam iron may have some dirt build-up onto the plate after using a period of time. All this gunk might transfer onto other clothing the next time you smooth out wrinkles. Keep it clean with the help of a basic ingredient you have in your pantry — salt!

How to Clean Your Iron with Salt


  1. put some salt on a paper towel or a cotton towel
  2. run the iron over it while it is on the highest setting with steam turned off. The dirt shall stick to the salt, thereby leaving your iron sparkling clean
  3. After a couple of runs, unplug the iron
  4. wipe clean once with a soft cloth once it’s cooled

In case there is molten plastic stuck on the sole plate, sprinkle some salt on a piece of aluminum foil and iron it. This shall help loosen the plastic from the bottom. Good luck!