How to DIY Adorable Sock Owl

DIY Sock Owl Tutorial Free Pattern

These sock owls are so OWLdorable and it is easy to make, great craft project to repurpose your old pretty socks. They are great for cuddling up to or for home decorating. These cute DIY plush birds will help you decorate your house into a welcoming space, just as much some rugs and more intricate decorations will. And if you’re not sure about the improvement effect it has, you can always gift it and kids will just love you for it. The actual process is fairly easy and involves using some used socks and transforming them into a lovely decoration or toy. Follow the tutorial provided by Craft Passion and you will achieve making beautiful Sock Owls in no time.

DIY Sock Owl Tutorial Free Pattern

Toddlers and preschoolers love to get their hands dirty with some arts and crafts. So why not give this idea a go? Sock owls are easy to make and don’t need any special equipment. Repurpose your old socks into this adorable little Owl.  It’s a simple and fun FREE tutorial that you’ll enjoy.  Get the kids involved and make a whole family of Owlets!

You can get full tutorial via the link below:

Craft Passion -How To Sew Sock Owl

DIY sock owl

DIY Cute Sock Owl