How to DIY Arm Knitted Scarf in 30 Minutes Tutorial – Video

Knit a soft and warm infinitely scarf with your arms would be easy and fun as following, this DIY Arm Knitted Scarf can be completed in 30 Minutes! Knitting is so much fun, and quite easy to get started. I have shared some fabulous knitting projects available for the cold weather.Remember the asymmetric knit slot scarf design Pfeilraupe by Alpi Alpenrose?Here is an amazing tutorial of making scarf with arms.  It is incredible that you don’t need anything other than yarn and your arm! You can knit fabulous scarves with this arm knitting. The tutorial is from Maggie. You can watch out the video and check out more at Maggie’s blog. If you want the scarves but don’t want to knit yourself, you are lucky you can get from Maggie directly. It’s simple and worth try, cool?

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How to DIY Arm Knitted Scarf in 30 Minutes Tutorial - Video

How to DIY Arm Knit Striped Scarf in 30 Minutes Tutorial - Video

Click the link here for the DIY Tutorial and video:

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