How to DIY Beautiful Hair Accessory with Nail Polish


nail-oil-flower-hair-clip02.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip03.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip04.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip05.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip06.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip07.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip08.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip09.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip10.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip11.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip12.jpg nail-oil-flower-hair-clip13.jpg

I have posted a similar flower with nail polish and wire before, you can check the link here if you missed it. Today we are going to feature another flower project by form the petals of flower with nail polish separately. To make one flower, we need to cut 5 identical pieces of wire at 8-10cm in length, then bend each wire in half and twirl a ring in the middle as photo above with a ball pen. Press the ring against ball pen to certain angle to shape as pental, then dip it into nail polish, this is the hardest part, try to make a smaller ring first and dip several times for form a perfect non-burst bubble before you make a perfect one. You can even add different colors on the petals. Dip all five petals and insert to plasticine for drying. Meanwhile,  cut small pieces of wire for stamen straight. Dip into nail polish to make paint-droplet at one tip. Then twist to finish. Pretty!

Materials you may need:

* A wire (0.3 mm)
* Nail polish (preferably not too thick and not much Jitka)
* Wire cutters
* plasticine
* Ball pen