How to DIY Beautiful Jewelry Stand from Plastic Bottles

jewelry stand from plastic bottle

jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle00.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle01.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle02.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle03.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle04.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle05.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle06.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle07.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle08.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle09.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle10.jpg jewelry-stand-from-plastic-bottle11.jpg

Here is a beautiful project to make steady jewelry stand from plastic bottles, and it looks great that it can hold and hang tons of small jewelries for a clear vanity. And it won’t take long. Really worth a try!

Materials you may need:

  • 2 liter bottles*2
  • 1 liter bottle *1,
  • 20 oz bottle*1
  • threaded rod
  • nuts and washers
  • Scissors
  • Dremel
  • Paint and brush if necessary