How to DIY Cute Coffeebean Hedgehog for Air Refresher

diy cute coffeebean hedgehog

diy-cute-coffeebean-hedgehog01.jpg diy-cute-coffeebean-hedgehog02.jpg diy-cute-coffeebean-hedgehog03.jpg diy-cute-coffeebean-hedgehog04.jpg diy-cute-coffeebean-hedgehog05.jpg diy-cute-coffeebean-hedgehog06.jpg diy-cute-coffeebean-hedgehog07.jpg diy-cute-coffeebean-hedgehog08.jpg

This tutorial will introduce you with step by step instructions how to make a hedgehog from coffee beans with their hands.  Not everyone knows how unusual and interesting the hedgehog of coffee beans will be. It is part of the interior ,  and will look great in any environment and fill the room with warm homemade coffee smell at the same time.

Materials for this coffee hedgehog you will need:

  • A piece of foam
  • Jute twine
  • Coffee beans,
  • Glue gun ,
  • Stationery knife ,
  • Decorative apple
  • Wiggle eyes