How to DIY Cute Mini Doll with Wire

How to DIY Cute Mini Doll with Wire

Today we are going to feature another cute mini doll with wire for girls room decoration, using fabric scraps or socks.We did a crepe paper ballerina project with wire before, you can check the link here if you missed that.  This doll is easy to make by twisting the wire into a doll shape and wrap with yarn, then make a cute outfit (or as many outfits you like for a change) for her.

Materials you need:

  • Wire
  • Socks / fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Fiber fillings
  • Needle and thread

DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll01.jpg DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll02.jpg DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll03.jpg DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll04.jpg DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll05.jpg

DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll06.jpg DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll07.jpg DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll08.jpg DIY-Cute-Mini-Doll09.jpg