How to DIY Easy Felt Roses Heart Decoration

You may look for some DIY craft projects for home decoration in the coming Valentines’ day. And this felt roses heart is one of the easiest projects you want to try now. It’s so easy to make without any needle work. And it’s so pretty to decorate your vanity or wall. You can even make any letters to form words for decoration, fun and meaningful it can be with your imagination.

DIY Easy Felt Roses Heart Decoration

Supplies you may need::

  • felt (available at Micheal’s or amazon)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun (now it’s been my craft necessary that I recommend you to have)
  • Something to glue onto (cardboard, wood etc)

You can get the full detailed tutorial via the link:

Felt Rose Tutorial

DIY Fuzzy Valentine Bunny Plushie Free Sewing Patterns

This easy to sew heart bunny is super cute, too:

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