How to DIY Floral Topiary Flying Cup

DIY Floral Topiary Flying Cup Tutorial

I have posted a floral topiary flying cup before, you can check the idea there if you missed it. Today we can going to make another one with an easier way – using wire, you can add other decorations as you like, such as fresh flowers, coffee beans.


  • Coffee/tea cup set
  • Artificial flowers (easy to get in local stores)
  • Wire (spoon or flat wire works better)
  • Paper and thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tapes
  • Other decorative stuffs you want  (beads, butterfly, ribbon etc.)

flying-cup-flowers00.jpg flying-cup-flowers01.jpg flying-cup-flowers02.jpg flying-cup-flowers03.jpg flying-cup-flowers04.jpg

flying-cup-flowers05.jpg flying-cup-flowers06.jpg flying-cup-flowers07.jpg flying-cup-flowers08.jpg flying-cup-flowers09.jpg