DIY Fun Sponge Grass House Tutorial


How to DIY Fun Sponge Grass House picture tutorial

It would be super fun to make these little grass sponge houses for kids and all the family members as a whole! What you need is to make a house with kitchen sponges, pop in grass seeds on the top and watch it grow in your house!! It would be great to add some green with this idea.

Supplies you may need for your reference:

  • 4 new standard kitchen sponges
  • fast growing grass seed
  • Ruler and Permanent marker
  • Scissors with a pointed tip
  • Large plastic food-storage container as green house
  • Spray bottle
  • Sewing pins (optional)

How to: 

  1. Clean new sponges under running water and squeezing a few times. Let the sponges dry slightly.
  2. Draw the wall and yard shapes as shown.
  3. Cut out the shapes. For the roof, insert the scissors through the side of the blue sponge and cut along the center line to create the hinge, being careful not to sever the 2 pieces completely.
  4. Assemble the house.
  5. Spray, but don’t soak, the house with water. Then sprinkle a generous layer of grass seed evenly over the roof and the yard. If any seeds roll off the roof, pick them up with dry hands and patch the bare spots. Finally, very lightly spray water over the seeds with an upward spray motion.
  6. Keep the house moist, warm, well lit, and covered until the grass is growing well, about two weeks. ( To prevent mold, leave the plastic cover slightly ajar or poke a few holes in the top. When your grass looks as though it could use a mowing, you can remove the cover. )
  7. With regular watering, your house can grow for several weeks.

You can get full tutorial via Patterson Greenhouses below:

Fun idea to do with your kids!

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