How to DIY Modern Bookcase Renovation

DIY Bookcase Renovation

Do you have the plain and dull bookcase after moving into new house or buying new ones? Don’t throw them away but transform them into a modern one┬áthat is pleasing to the eye. It will much simpler than you might originally think.


  1. Sand the bookshelf from top to bottom using sandpaper to smooth its surface, remember that the higher the number of the sandpaper the finer the grit is.
  2. Paint: Give it several coats of black paint. Here is used black, but you can choose the color which fits your taste and interior design the most. Also, you can give the bookcase a polished look by adding a shiny covering.
  3. Apply the patterned wallpaper after you have left the fresh new black bookcase dry.
  4. Enjoy the new life of bookcase not just for books and magazines, and the final design will definitely improve the overall decor of the room.

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