How to DIY Orange Jack-O-Lantern Cup Tutorial

how to DIY Orange Jack-O-Lattern Fruit Cup tutorial

how-to-DIY-Orange-Jack-O-Lattern-Fruit-Cup-tutorial1.jpg how-to-DIY-Orange-Jack-O-Lattern-Fruit-Cup-tutorial2.jpg how-to-DIY-Orange-Jack-O-Lattern-Fruit-Cup-tutorial3.jpg how-to-DIY-Orange-Jack-O-Lattern-Fruit-Cup-tutorial4.jpg how-to-DIY-Orange-Jack-O-Lattern-Fruit-Cup-tutorial5.jpg These adorable Jack O’ Lantern Orange Fruit Cups would be best for any party treat during Halloween season! They’re wholesome, healthy, quick and easy to make!

All you need are:

  • an orange
  • fruit of your choice
  • a knife

Get the tutorial via the link:

DIY Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Cups