How to DIY Paper Pillow Gift Box

DIY paper pillow gift box

DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box00.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box01.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box02.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box03.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box04.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box05.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box06.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box07.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box08.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box09.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box10.jpg DIY-paper-pillow-gift-box11.jpg

You may have seen the way to make square pillow gift box with CD not long ago, and asking whether there is any way to make it longer for different gift wrapping. Here we just found the way that helps, and it is the simplest way to make boxes in short time!!

Suppliers you may need:

  • Item in circle
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue/Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
  • Other decorative
  • Eyelets (optional)